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Calf Pens
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We are a family business, based in Northamptonshire, selling direct to farm across the UK.

Established in 1998, we have a proven history of excellent after-sales care and honouring warranties.

Our regionally-based sales people have all managed dairy herds and will give you good, practical advice.

Look out for our stand at the main UK Dairy Events this year.

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Calf Pens from Calf-Tel

A Free-Standing, Cost-Effective Indoor Calf Rearing System

These plastic pens link together to provide flexible calf housing in an open, well ventilated shed.

Plastic Calf Pens from Calf-Tel

Strong and Durable

The calf pens are produced using the same process and material as Calf-Tel hutches making them both strong and durable.
Plus they have:

Indoor calf pen

Easy to Use

  • Free standing, require no permanent installation
  • Light and easy to set up, move and store
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, no dirt traps
  • Interlocks at both back and sides
  • Easy to manage exterior feeding
  • Adjustable door and bucket height
Indoor calf pen showing windows

Adjustable rear and side windows for ventilation and contact

Space and Layout

Individual Rearing

The diagram below shows a typical layout of calf pens. 

Typical calf pen layout

The standard pens comfortably exceed the UK size requirements for calves up to 80kg.

Paired Rearing

The pens can also be configured for paired rearing as shown here:

Calf-Tel pens arranged for paired rearing

This arrangement can use 1.27 m side panels and exceed the UK size requirements for calves up to 80kg.


Feeding Accessories

The pens come with buckets and bucket holders as standard. Bottles and buckets with teats also fit onto the pen front and can be supplied separately.

Calf-Tel pen with bottle holder
Calf-Tel pen with bucket and teat

Customer Testimonials

quote mark We use the pens in purpose-built, open-sided calf barns and they work well for us.

They are solid, but light and easy to move and clean,  providing a dry, comfortable, draught-free environment to give our calves a healthy start in life.”

Neil Baker
Crewkerne, Somerset, RABDF Gold Cup Winner 2015

Calf Pen Gallery

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