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We are a family business, based in Northamptonshire, selling direct to farm across the UK.

Established in 1998, we have a proven history of excellent after-sales care and honouring warranties.

Our sales team have all managed dairy herds and will give you good, practical advice.

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LED Lights for Dairy Cow Barns

Energy Efficient Lights Designed for Dairy Cow Housing

LED lights for cows in dairy barns

Installing LED lights in livestock buildings:

Increase Comfort and Yield

A recent study by Oklahoma State University found that the switching the lights in dairy sheds from fluorescent to LED lights increased milk yields by up to 6%.

 LED light is of superior quality - less harsh and closer to natural daylight, and researchers suggest that this reduces stress, improves cow well-being and so increases yields.

LED lights for dairy cow barnLED lights produce no ultraviolet light, so don’t attract flies like conventional lights

 Unlike conventional lights, they switch on and off instantly and don’t flicker.

 The natural light allows dairy workers to see the cows clearly and identify any injuries or welfare issues quickly and safely.

Reduce Energy Costs

LED lights use 70% less energy than conventional lights, and can be dimmed when there is plenty of natural daylight to save even more energy.

By replacing a typical 400W sodium light with an equivalent LED light which is on for 16 hours a day we estimate you will save around £170 per year PER LIGHT in electricity at current rates.

 LED lights are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme which allows businesses to write off 100% of the cost in the first year to help cash flow.  Give us a ring if you'd like more details.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

The lights burn for 50,000 to 90,000 hours - that is up to 14 years before they need to be changed if you use them 12 hours a day.  They are water-proof, dust-proof, vibration and shock proof so once installed, they need no ongoing maintenance.

Proven and Reliable

The lights are manufactured under strict quality controls and are tested again before dispatch.  They are used successfully in dairy farms across mainland Europe and North America, this picture shows our latest UK installation.

Technical Specification

Burning Hours 50,000
Rating IP65
Warranty 5 Years

Switches and Controllers

We have a comprehensive range of switches and controllers, including dimmers and timers, to help save even more energy.  Please call us to discuss your exact requirements.

Technical Support and Costings

We can produce you a computer model showing:

You can buy small numbers of the standard lights from our online shop with free, next working day delivery.

For larger or more complicated orders please give us a ring for advice and a quote.

Customer Testimonials

quote mark Extra lighting over the feed passage is a huge benefit.  We ran a controlled test over the winter.  As the days got shorter the control group with no extra lighting had quite a drop in yield, but for the groups with extra LED lighting the yield increased.

John Trott, Dairy Manager, Farley Farms, Berkshire.