Happy Cows, Healthy Herds: The Benefits of Flex Stalls and Flex Feed

Flex Appeal: Modernising Dairy Farming with Flexible Stalls and Flex Feed

When it comes to dairy farming, cow comfort and welfare are top priorities. Of course, optimising milk production and quality is a skill honed by the herdsmen, but this can be aided by product development. Innovations like Flex Stalls and Flex Feed are game changers, offering significant benefits over steel setups most farms have used for years. These modern solutions, made from semi-flexible materials, bring a host of benefits that keep cows happier and healthier – meaning more, and better, milk.

What Are Flex Stalls and Flex Feed?

Flex Stalls are a proven alternative to steel cubicle loops. They’re made from flexible, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) known for its toughness and tensile strength. These materials are durable, bend easily, and spring back to their original shape. This flexibility is crucial for making cows more comfortable, and safer, when entering and exiting the cubicle bed.

Flex Feed are flexible feed bars designed to increase feed intake and improve welfare of the cow. Just like Flex Stalls, the Flex Feed are made from HDPE flexible materials that flex with the cow when reaching for feed, increasing feed intake, all while reducing pressure sores on the cows’ neck and shoulders.

Chill out: Why Lying Down is Essential for Milk Production

Milk production is influenced by various factors, including feed quality, resting time, and stress hormone levels. Resting time is particularly crucial because relaxed cows produce more milk. This is due to increased blood flow in the udder (+30% when lying down) and lower stress hormone levels, which can otherwise inhibit milk production. With an additional 1.5 hours of lying time per day, each cow can produce between 3.4 and 5.6 pounds more milk daily! Furthermore, well-rested cows live longer, experience better heat cycles, and enjoy improved overall health.

Intershape now Stocks Cow-Welfare’s Flex Stalls and Flex Feed

The biggest win with Flex Stalls and Flex Feed is the extra comfort they offer. The flexible materials adjust to the cow’s body, cutting down on pressure points and reducing the chances of bruises and scrapes that can come from steel. This means cows can lie down, stand up, and feed more naturally and comfortably. On average, lying time is increased by 1.5 hours a day in Flex Stalls.

The flexible yet firm neck rail in these innovative Flex Stalls encourages cows to lie down faster by gently stimulating a nerve point at their neck. The side pipes of the stall then guide the cows into the correct lying position without causing any discomfort. This proper lying position is crucial for improving cow comfort, and keeps cubicle beds clean.

Both Flex Stalls and Flex Feed offer improved cow safety. Traditional steel can be harsh and dangerous if a cow gets stuck or moves too quickly. The flexible design of these new options means they bend and move with the cow, reducing the risk of injuries.

Cows in Flex Stalls and using Flex Feed can move more freely and naturally. They can get up and lie down without the stress of rigid structures, and they can feed more comfortably. This freedom to express natural behaviours reduces stress and boosts overall well-being.

Flex your Budget: Built to Last for Outstanding ROI

The materials used in Flex Stalls and Flex Feed are easy to clean and maintain. rust resistant, the smooth finish helps to reduce areas for bacteria to lie dormant – helping your herd stay healthier. Flex Stalls and Flex Feed are built to last with a 10-year warranty. This durability means fewer replacements and less maintenance, making them a smart, cost-effective investment.

Flexibility in Installation, too

Flex Stalls are highly adjustable and can be adapted to any cow breed or size. This adaptability is essential because the cubicle needs to fit the cows perfectly for them to lie down correctly and comfortably. To maximize the benefits of Flex Stalls (or any stall system), proper installation based on the average size of the herd is crucial. The innovative and important feature of individual pipe positioning ensures each stall is perfectly tailored for optimal cow comfort.

Flex Stalls and Flex Feed represent a big step forward in dairy farm management. By focusing on cow comfort and safety, these innovations not only improve the welfare of cows but also contribute to better farm productivity and efficiency. This evolution – of traditional setups to flexible solutions – is a clear win for a more sustainable dairy farming future.

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Flex Stalls: https://www.intershape.com/cow-flexible-stalls/

Flex Feed: https://www.intershape.com/cow-flexible-feed/