Spinder Cow Cubicles

High Quality and a Choice of Styles

We offer a full range of free stall cubicle dividers from Spinder, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of dairy housing. The cubicles have been designed and tested with top dairy producers and agricultural research centres across Europe to provide a safe, comfortable space which:

  • Encourages cows to lie down
  • Keeps them straight so the beds stay clean
  • Allows cows to get up and down easily and safely.

All components are made of high quality steel:

  • DIN 2440 standard – tubing between 3,25 and 3,65 mm
  • Hot dipped galvanized after working
  • Support posts have either a galvanised cap or a plastic stopper
  • Fixing bolts and nuts are nickel plated high tensile steel.

The range includes products suitable for all breeds from Channel Island breeds to large Holsteins including young stock. The following two cubicles are particularly suitable for using with our cow mattresses.

Spinder Cosmos Cubicles

This spacious, open fronted cubicle allows the cow to move naturally and get up and lie down easily. It has:

  • Generous head space
  • Simple and solid design
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Flexible and adjustable knee rail positions the cow perfectly in the cubicle.

Download the detailed data sheet here.

Spinder Comfort Cubicles

This robust, proven cubicle can be mounted on support posts or horizontal tubing giving flexible installation options. It has:

  • Generous space for comfortable, free rest positions
  • Suspended design making it durable and easy to clean
  • Different sizes to suit all ages and breeds
  • Adjustable height and width.

Download the detailed data sheet here.

Headrail Extension Bracket

This bracket raises the headrail position by 125mm to improves cubicle acceptance.  It is easy to install and suitable for all cantilever cubicles.  Just ask us for more details.

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