Roller Doors for Barns

Easy Access and Weather Protection

Airkoe roller doors give you easy access to your barn when you need it and protection from the weather and birds when you don’t.

Airkoe Roller Door

Ideal for most farm buildings including feed and grain storage, milking parlours and feed passages, these doors give easy access to the full height and width of the opening and have:

  • A single 220 volt tube motor which powers a door up to 20m wide and 5m high.
  • A choice of material and colours.
  • A 1 year full warranty
  • Easy operation, low maintenance and long life.
  • Remote control if required.

Construction and Operation

A powerful 220 volt tube motor is located in the centre bar and rolls the canvas up.  The sides of the door are neatly finished with steel covers.  Doors can be mounted inside or outside the opening as shown below.

Installation and Fitting

The doors are made to order to fit the exact requirements of your barn and fitted to a high standard by our professional fitting teams.

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