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Flexible Housing for Bull Calves

Dairy farmers on an Arla 360 contract will soon have to make sure their bull calves are not slaughtered before they are 8 weeks old. Whether they are sold on or kept on the farm, the calves will need good quality housing to keep them healthy and maximise their value.

 Calf-Tel Multimax hutches provide instant, flexible calf housing for groups of calves from birth to 4 or 5 months old.

Rearing in small groups keeps calves of a similar age together, minimising the risk of disease. The hutches’ unique vent design and opaque material provide well ventilated, draught free shelter with low humidity and moderate temperatures all year round. They need no planning permission or permanent structures, can be moved around the farm to make use of available space and have an excellent second-hand value if your plans change.

Case Study

bull calves reared in group hutches

One of our customers in Dorset has been using Calf-Tel Multimax hutches for the last 5 years to produce both finished beef and store cattle, rearing over 200 calves a year.

He buys in dairy bulls at 2-3 weeks old and keeps them in hutches in groups of 5 for the first 8 weeks. The farm has light, chalky soil which drains well, allowing him to put the hutches on his stubble fields. He moves the hutches after each batch of calves, leaving the muck on the field. This combined with thorough cleaning and a strict vaccination protocol keeps disease and anti-biotic use to a minimum.

He says:

 “Calf-Tel hutches are a great product with good airflow and are easy to clean with a pressure washer. Having mobile calf housing works well with my crop rotation and gives me a lot of flexibility. I lift the hutches after 8 weeks using padded tines on a telehandler; they are very sturdy, I expect them to last for many more years.”