Golden Hoof Zinc Sulphate Plus 20 Kg

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Golden Hoof is an effective treatment for foot rot and scald in sheep. It quickly kills the foot rot bacteria and promotes the growth of new healthy tissue.

  • Safe to use and easy to mix
  • Painless with no unpleasant fumes
  • Good hoof penetration

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Golden Hoof is the UK’s leading veterinary licensed zinc sulphate treatment for foot rot and foot scald in sheep.


The Golden Hoof solution quickly penetrates the sheep’s hoof to kill the bacteria that cause foot rot.

Zinc sulphate is also a healing agent. It promotes the growth of new healthy tissue, unlike formaldehyde preparations, which kill living tissues and cause hardening and cracking of the hoof.

Golden Hoof Plus contains:

  • zinc sulphate hexahydrate, an effective zinc preparation with improved zinc content
  • a surfactant to increase penetration into the hoof
  • an activating agent to make it easy to mix.

Safe and Easy to Use

  • No unpleasant fumes
  • Painless to the sheep
  • Treat ewes and young lambs together
  • The solution has a low toxicity and at 10% dilution is unpalatable to sheep
  • Chemically stable for prolonged storage and at extreme temperatures, it does not cake
  • Reusable – contamination with urine or faeces does not materially affect the antibacterial action.

Dilution Rates

Use Golden Hoof zinc sulphate at a concentration of 10% in water – mix 1 kg of powder in 10 litres of water.


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You can download the safety information and instructions for using Golden Hoof here: Golden Hoof Zinc Sulphate Instructions