Sheep Foot Mat 230cm x 47cm

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Foot mats are an efficient way to treat and prevent hoof problems in sheep. Our foot mats use 75% less solution than a footbath and are:

  • Suitable for all disinfectants, foot-care products and antibiotics
  • Environmental friendly
  • Mobile
  • Easy to use – just watch the video below.

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The sheep foot mat has two parts:

  • A 4cm thick, high density foam pad in a tough non-slip cover which prevents any damage to the foam
  • A unique waterproof sleeve to hold in the liquid.

The mats:

  • Use 75% less solution than a footbath with no splashing and complete coverage
  • Are easy to move and safe to use on any flat surface or in a race
  • Are environmentally friendly; the sleeve prevents the disinfectant leaking into the surrounding area
  • Have removable sleeves which can be power-washed. This is not possible in similar mats with sewn-in pads
  • Hold 30 – 40 litres of solution
  • Last for years when washed and dried between use.

Sheep are happy to walk over the hoof mat without jumping, splashing or rushing.

We recommend using Golden Hoof with our mats to treat foot rot and scald in sheep and lambs. You can add it to your basket at checkout.

Watch sheep going over a foot mat here:

This video shows the treatment liquid pushing up into the hoof giving excellent coverage.

3 reviews for Sheep Foot Mat 230cm x 47cm

  1. Real World Testimonials

    These mats are bloody brilliant. Best £105 any sheep farmer will spend.

    Jim Holford, Truro (via Facebook)

  2. Real World Testimonials

    Very pleased with my mat. I’ve tried using cheap foam in the bottom of a foot-bath and it disintegrates very quickly. This mat has lasted extremely well with no damage and all the liquid is held in the sleeve so I don’t need a foot-bath any more.

    Ted Stephenson, Dorset

  3. Real World Testimonials

    Had my sheep footrot pad for a month and couldn’t be happier.

    I run 650 head of breed sheep and work mostly alone. One of the jobs I least look forward to is running young lambs through a bath the first couple of times. Usually end up dragging them in individually and get covered in Formalin.

    With the foot pad its a joy. As the pad soaks up all the liquid the lambs are happy to run through. They don’t rush or jump so I have been getting better results with clearing up the scald which makes them limp.

    Even better there is no splashing of liquid so I don’t get a faceful of acid and neither do the sheep.

    20 litres of formalin and water mixed is easily enough to do at least 70 ewes and their lambs without having to top up.

    The pad is easier to move from field to field than a plastic trough and actually cheaper to buy.

    Kenny Fraser, Fife

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How to Use Hoof / Foot Mats

You can download Disinfectant Mat General Instructions here.