Swinging Brush for Goats and Calves

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This vertical, swinging brush is ideal for improving the welfare of calves and goats by:

  • increasing circulation and metabolism
  • removing parasites and old hair to relieve itching

The brush automatically rotates for about 60 seconds when the animal pushes against it, giving a good scratch all over the head and body.  It is:

  • Robustly made from galvanised steel with thick polypropylene bristles
  • Very low maintenance with easily replaceable bristles
  • Easy to mount
  • Safe – a sensor switches the brush off if the tail gets caught
  • Currently eligible for a £386 grant under the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund.

Free delivery to the UK mainland in 5-7 working days.

Watch a video of calves and goats using the brush here.

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This automatic, swinging scratching brush is ideal for calves from 3 months old and adult goats.
The brush starts automatically for about 60 seconds when pushed. It rotates in all directions and almost every angle to scratch most of the body and particularly the head and rump. One brush is designed to scratch around 40 calves or 60 goats.  Watch it in action here:

Safe, Low Maintenance and Easy to Install

Kerbl Happy Cow brushes are easy to assemble, come with comprehensive operation instructions and are virtually maintenance free. The brush rotates in the opposite direction each time it is activated to ensure even wear of the brushes.

The brush has a sensor which stops it rotating if it meets any resistance, to keep the animals safe and prevent tail hair from getting pulled in.

All frame parts are zinc-plated and have been tested under the toughest conditions.
We recommend pressure points are lubricated and brush rollers replaced as necessary to keep the brush working at maximum efficiency for many years.

The brush needs to be plugged into 16 amp socket. It is supplied with a European plug which needs to be removed and replaced with a 16 amp waterproof plug (not supplied).

FETF 2023 Animal Health and Welfare Grant Eligibility

These brushes are eligible for a grant contribution of £386 under the latest round of funding (Mar 2023). You can find the details here under FETF99 Swinging Brushes for calves.

Technical Data


Kerbl HAPPY COW mini brush


230 V, 50/60 Hz


25 kW


27 rpm


48 kg


H 125 x W 30 x D 80 cm

Protection class:

IP 54

Bristle material:

Polypropylene (PP)


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Kerbl Happy Cow Mini Swinging Brush for Goats and Calves User Guide.


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