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Cubicles and Barn Equipment
Cubicle and Barn Equipment

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We are a family business, based in Northamptonshire, selling direct to farm across the UK.

Established in 1998, we have a proven history of excellent after-sales care and honouring warranties.

Our regionally-based sales people have all managed dairy herds and will give you good, practical advice.

Look out for our stand at the main UK Dairy Events this year.

Reference sites available across the UK.


Self-Locking Feed Yokes

Smooth, Quiet, Safe and Efficient Cow Handling

Self-locking feed yokes safely lock cows into position for inspection, testing or AI.  They keep the cows comfortable and unstressed, while providing a safe working environment for farmers and vets.

self locking cattle feed yokes - spinder

Spinder Self Locking Yokes

Spinder yokes offer top-of-the-range strength and durability.

Yoke Gallery

More self-locking-yoke pictures

See more pictures of yoke installations.