Automatic Manure Scrapers

Low Maintenance and Cow Friendly

This automatic rope driven scraper from Spinder is a low maintenance, cow friendly way to keep your barn floor clean. The scraper consists of 2 low power, single-winch drive units, a number of high quality synthetic corner wheels, and one or more scrapers which are pulled by an 8mm thick PE rope. The scraper features:

  • 2 low power drive units
  • Robust and solid construction, hot dipped galvanised
  • PE rope is 8mm thick synthetic with tensile force of 6000kgs
  • Digital time clock, frost protection and overload protection.

The scraper can be configured to fit your passages and available space exactly even when there are an odd number of passageways or space is limited.

You can see more details of the Spinder scrapers on their website here.

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