Environmental Products

Reduce Emissions, Control Disease.

Our environmental products represent the latest technology available in mainland Europe, and are designed to help you farm sustainably and efficiently.

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Silage Covers.

A custom made silage pit cover:

  • Improves the quality of your silage.
  • Reduces waste and contamination.
  • Protects from weather, birds and vermin.

Phytobac Biobed.

The Phytobac biobed is an automatic, closed, controlled system which allows you to dispose of crop protection residue and sprayer washings safely and sustainably.

Disinfectant Mats.

We have been selling our disinfectant mats for over 20 years. They have protected livestock and premises throughout the foot and mouth disease, swine flu and bird flu epidemics.

Farms, laboratories, businesses and events use them to improve general biosecurity and protect high health status. Use them to easily and effectively disinfect all types of footwear.

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