Vehicle Disinfection Mats

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A set of four 180cm x 90cm mats suitable for disinfecting cars, lorries and agricultural vehicles at one entrance.

The thick foam mats, soaked with disinfectant, are enclosed in a waterproof sleeve. The disinfectant is transferred evenly onto the tyres without splashing, so the disinfectant is not wasted and does not contaminate the surrounding area. The mats are quick and easy to move and install and can be used on any flat surface. They provide an instant, mobile solution for vehicles entering bio-secure areas.

Our mats were used extensively during the foot and mouth crises by dairy companies, the National Trust, major race courses, DEFRA and even a film set.

They are now used by a wide variety of business to protect against diseases such as strangles and avian / bird flu.

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How do they work?

The vehicle disinfection package is made up of four 180 x 90 cm disinfectant mats which are arranged to provide complete tyre coverage.

The disinfectant mats have two parts:

  • A 4cm thick, high density foam pad in a tough non-slip cover, designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • A unique waterproof sleeve to hold in the liquid. The sleeve is removable to allow thorough cleaning, which is not possible when the sleeve is sewn onto the pad.

Each mat holds between 45 and 60 litres of disinfectant, the four mats hold between 180 and 240 litres altogether.

When used for vehicle disinfection, our mats:

  • Use 75% less solution than a conventional dip
  • Are suitable for all disinfectants
  • Are completely mobile and can be used on any flat surface

Suitable Applications

These vehicle mats are not a permanent, long-term disinfection solution for areas of heavy traffic. They are ideal for events, short-term disease outbreaks or carrying in a van which needs to enter bio-secure areas.

Vehicles must pass over the centre of the mats in a straight line at NO MORE THAN 5 MILES PER HOUR or they will damage the mats. We recommend using barriers to slow and straighten vehicles as they approach the mats. An A2 size warning sign is included in every pack.

1 review for Vehicle Disinfection Mats

  1. Peter T

    Needed these to visit a bio-secure customer site. Incredibly fast delivery, and they can be stored in the van, once used. Highly recommend

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How to Use Disinfectant Mats

You can download Vehicle Mat Instructions here.