Individual Hutches

The Calf-Tel Deluxe Hutch

Rearing calves individually, in a full size hutch, from birth to weaning plus a week (to a maximum of 8 weeks old) gives the best growth rates and disease resistance.

  • 100% protection of dry feed.
  • Side access feeding doors on left or right.
  • Supplied with two buckets.
  • Feed wet and dry feed inside, or dry feed inside and wet feed on the fence.
  • Rear access bedding door.
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 7’3″(2.2m) long x 4′(1.22m) wide x 1.38m high.

The Calf-Tel Eco Hutch

  • An economy hutch 18% smaller than the Deluxe.
  • Outside feeding on the fence.
  • Rear access bedding door
  • 10 year manufacturers. warranty.
  • 6’2″(1.87m) long x 3’8″(1.18m) wide x 4’6″(1.38m) high.

Fences for Individual Hutches

  • Made from galvanised steel.
  • Fixed to the hutches using steel l-rods and eyelets.
  • Sturdy, but light and easy to remove.
  • Buckets, bottles and hayracks easily attached.

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