SECCO Air Wall Ventilation

Good building ventilation is vital to maintaining healthy, productive animals; reducing infections, respiratory problems and heat stress.

The air curtains are specifically designed for barns and livestock buildings.  You can rely on them to provide a constant temperature and low humidity for your animals, even in the most extreme weather.

SECCO Isocell Air Curtain

The curtains are made of horizontal tubes of flexible material which are filled with air using blowers. By switching the blowers on and off, sections of the wall can be raised or lowered to control the temperature and humidity inside the building. The blowers can be controlled manually, or automatically as part of a total building ventilation system. The system can be installed in new buildings or as part of a major refurbishment of existing buildings and is most suitable for dairy cows, calves and poultry. It provides:

  • Total protection from all weather when fully closed.
  • Natural lighting from the transparent material, even when closed
  • Excellent insulation.
  • Fully automatic adjustment; no manual handling.
  • Easy maintenance.

Better than Other Air Curtains

Isocell has a unique design of air filled tubes, consisting of multiple cells arranged in a W shape.  In comparison with other tube designs, provides:

  • Double the insulating power.
  • Greater strength.
  • More reliable retraction.
  • Elimination of ice formation.

SECCO ventilation systems are designed and built in Canada and are being used successfully across North America and mainland Europe.

This video shows a selection of SECCO installations across the world.

Please call us to discuss your ventilation needs in more detail, so we can recommend the best products for your situation.

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