Cow Flexible Feed Barrier by Cow Welfare

What sets it apart?

Unlike traditional cattle feed barriers, Flex Feed eliminates the need for restricting neck rails or headlocks. Its flexible design allows cows to lean forward comfortably and reach further onto the feeding table. This results in a natural eating posture for the cows. Enhanced feeding efficiency means cows eat quicker, allowing for longer rest periods and increased rumination. This adaptable system suits all breeds, making it a versatile cattle feed barrier solution.

Freedom to eat naturally

The unique flexibility of our cattle feed barrier mimics the natural grazing behavior of cows. Without the hindrance of a neck rail, cows can lift their heads freely, facilitating easier swallowing of feed. This feature of the Flex Feed system significantly boosts feed intake, showcasing why it’s an exceptional cattle feed barrier choice.

Efficient feeding for more milk

Our cattle feed barrier is designed to enable cows to eat more naturally and quickly. This efficiency means cows spend less time feeding and more time resting and ruminating, which translates into higher milk production without increasing feed costs.

Our feed barriers reduce stress

The individual feeding spaces create synchrony in the barn because all cows can eat the same time; this optimizes the space around the feeding table because one cow is not able to take up space for several others. It also minimizes the fear of boss cows which makes feeding time less stressful for timid and small cows. Moreover, the separated spaces also help newly added cows to adjust to the herd quicker.

Healthy cows produce more milk

The Flex Feed cattle feed barrier fosters a relaxed environment conducive to natural feeding habits. This leads to healthier, less stressed cows that produce more milk. Switching to our Flex Feed system from conventional cattle feed barriers can result in an increased yield of 3.4 to 4.5 lbs of milk per cow per day.

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