Tube Ventilation System by Cow Welfare

What is the difference?

Unlike traditional fans, Cowsy Breeze provides a consistent air flow throughout the barn. Rather than a single stream of air that reaches restricted areas of the barn with the risk of not reaching the cows at all, our system creates a continuous breeze in pre-defined areas. The custom-made design allows for the best possible air flow in the barn based on your specific needs.

Consistent air flow

Cowsy Breeze distributes air through uniquely designed holes in the tube. The same amount of air is distributed through each hole in order to accommodate the specific needs of the barn. This ensures that all cows benefit from the ventilation.

No heat stress

Poor air quality and heat stress are issues often overlooked by dairy farmers. While these problems tend to be associated with humid and subtropical conditions, the first signs of heat stress are seen at 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The optimum temperature for cows lies between -4 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit) and +18 degrees Celsius (65 degrees Fahrenheit). By installing Cowsy Breeze you can easily avoid these issues and give your cows the best conditions for producing milk.

Energy efficient

A single fan with a tube length of up to 70 meters (229 feet) can replace numerous conventional fans. Moreover, resourceful use of fan capacity will reduce electricity costs significantly, thereby making it an energy- and cost-efficient solution.

Good air quality leads to more milk

Cows need fresh air to reach their full potential. Milk yield can decrease by 10% if cows are heat-stressed. In a barn with poor air quality cows will tend to stand up rather than lie down. When the air quality is good, however, cows are more likely to lie down and rest, which increases rumination. As mentioned in the description of Flex Stall, 30% more blood is flowing through the udder when a cow lies down opposed to standing. In other words, well-rested cows produce more milk.

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