Calf Hutches from Calf-Tel

Calf hutches combine the natural benefits of outdoor rearing with optimum shelter whatever the weather.

intershape calf hutches

Healthy Calves

Farmers changing to Calf-Tel calf hutches find they:

  • Virtually eliminate pneumonia, scours and other diseases.
  • Improve mortality rates.
  • Reduce use of antibiotics.
  • Produce well-grown, healthy and profitable calves.

Optimum Living Conditions

Calf-Tel calf hutches provide living conditions which are:

  • Clean, dry, well ventilated and draught free.  The hutch has unique ridge top vents front and back and a fully adjustable hinged rear vent.
  • A moderate temperature all year with low humidity.  The hutch is completely opaque keeping calves cool even in full sunlight.
  • Spacious to give plenty of protection and room for exercise. 

Easy to Use

Calf hutches provide an immediate, flexible solution to calf housing:

  • Fully opening, easy access rear bedding door for quick and easy bedding up.
  • Easy to manage and move.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Require no planning permission.
  • Reduce straw usage.
  • Quick and accurate assessment of calf health.

A Good Investment

  • Calf-Tel calf hutches won’t crack or delaminate, due to our unique material and manufacturing processes.
  •  Only Calf-Tel offer a 10 year warranty on all hutches
  • The original Calf-Tel hutches are still in use after 30 years, with over 350,000 Calf-Tel hutches in use worldwide.

A Complete Range

Calf-Tel hutches come in a range of sizes to suit all breeds and rearing methods, with high quality fences and feeding accessories.

For calves from birth to 8 weeks old

For weaned calves or group rearing

A Free-Standing, Cost-Effective Indoor Calf Rearing System

Calf Hutch Technical Information