Calf Starter Feed Bowl

£8.10 inc VAT £6.75 ex-VAT

This starter bowl sits in a bucket or bucket holder to help calves eat their starter feed more easily.

  • Use with hutches or pens
  • Rounded bottom is easy for calves to lick
  • Hardwearing and easy to clean


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This shallow calf starter feed bowl helps calves eat their first solid feeds more easily. It fits directly into our Bucket Holders or can sit on top of the Heavy Duty Buckets and Direct Attach Buckets. Use it with all Calf-Tel outdoor hutches and indoor pens.

The bowl holds approximately 1.3 kg calf starter feed or nearly 2 litres of liquid.

Made of the same hard wearing material as the Calf-Tel hutches, the bowls will last for years.

The rounded bottom shape makes it easy for the calves to lick and easy for you to clean.



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