Automatic Folding Curtains for Livestock Barns

Optimum Ventilation and Weather Protection

Airkoe folding curtains are specifically designed to create a light, healthy atmosphere inside dairy buildings; keeping your cows comfortable, stress-free and productive whatever the weather.

Airkoe Safe System

The folding curtains close from the bottom up and have:

  • A single 380 volt drive connected to the top bar which can control more than 100m of canvas.
  • A choice of material and colours.
  • Material which is opaque on the outside, while letting plenty of light into the shed.
  • A 5 year full warranty, low maintenance and long life.
  • Manual or automatic control to optimise ventilation whatever the weather.
  • CE certification, 100% safe.

Construction and Operation

A powerful 380 volt electric drive turns the top bar which winds a wire roller attached to a tube at the top of the curtain, moving it up or down.  The curtain is sewn in 60cm sections, with half inch steel rods inserted into each section to provide strength and stability when closed and neat folds when open.


  • The canvas comes in various colours including green, grey, black and white transparent for maximum light.
  • The drive system can be attached to a climate control computer which will automatically open and shut the curtains depending on the temperature, rain and wind.
  • The Safe Plus system includes a secondary canvas covering the full length of the folded canvas when the curtain is open, giving an even neater finish.
  • A bird screen can be added, the standard system comes with inner and outer brackets to prevent the canvas from catching or sticking to the screen.

Installation and Fitting

The curtains are made to order to fit the exact requirements of your barn and fitted to a high standard by our professional fitting teams.

We recently fitted this Airkoe Automatic Curtain at Wyke Farms in Somerset.

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