Rubber Cow Matting from Animat

High Quality at a Competitive Price

Animat interlock rubber cow mats makes hard, slippery concrete floors safe, comfortable and hygienic.  Ideal for flooring feed passages, cubicle alleys, walkways and milking parlours.

  • 19mm thick, high quality 100% rubber mats
  • Made in Canada with a 7 year warranty
  • Unique pebble top finish gives excellent traction wet or dry
  • Supportive and shock absorbing
  • Interlocking with bevelled edges for a tidy, hygienic installation
  • Use with any cleaning system
  • Drive over with scrapers, tractors and feeder wagons
  • Available from stock in standard sizes, custom made for slats and rotary parlours
  • Eligible for the 2023 Animal Heath and Welfare grants in England. (*FETF226A Rubber flooring mats for cattle, *FETF234A Rubber coverings for slatted floors for cattle buildings).

Animat has over 35 years experience designing rubber mats for livestock, their mats are used by dairy farmers all over the world.

Feed Passage and Walkways

  • Protects feet during feeding
  • Cows stand and eat comfortably
  • Cows bull safely

Unlike most other rubber cow mats on the market, it is designed to be driven over by scrapers, tractors and feeder wagons.

Milking Parlours and Robots

  • Improves cow flow through the parlour
  • Cows stand quietly
  • Protects feet from sharp turns

Our interlocking mats, bevelled edges and customised cutting give a tidy, hygienic surface in all types of parlour, new and old.

Corners, Slopes and Problem Areas

For problem areas where extra traction is needed, we recommend Animat Maxgrip.

It has all the same benefits and options as a standard Animat mat but with a specially designed diamond shaped surface pattern for extra grip.

Low Emission Rubber Mats

**UK Dairy Day New Product Competition Finalist**

The new Animat Low Emission Mat reduces ammonia emissions by minimising the mixing of urine and faeces.

  • Reduces emissions by 50% to 8kg per animal per year
  • Eligible for Countryside Stewardship Grants
  • Perpendicular grooves drain urine to the run-off channel improving comfort and traction
  • Hooves stay drier and healthier
  • Use with any scraper system
  • Mats laid on a 2-3% prepared slope
  • Suitable for new builds and refurbishment.

Why Use Animat Rubber Matting?

Increase Cow Profitability: AHDB – Dairy recently estimated that lameness costs the average dairy herd over 1p per litre of milk produced, so rubber matting can improve both animal welfare and profitability.
Better Comfort and Safety: The rubber cow mats absorb shock and the textured surface is non-slip even when wet. Cows:

  • Move naturally and easily.
  • Suffer less lameness.
  • Are less stressed.
  • Have fewer falls and injuries.
  • Improve locomotion scores.

Better Hygiene: The 100% recycled rubber cow mats are:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Non-porous so no liquid is absorbed.
  • Adaptable to all existing cleaning systems including sluicing systems with fixed or moveable scrapers and slatted floors.

Better Heat Detection: The natural feel and security of the rubber cow matting promotes the natural behaviour of a cow in heat making it easier to identify the insemination period.

Durable, Adaptable and Easy to Fit: The mats have:

  • A SEVEN YEAR manufacturers warranty.
  • Interlocks on 1,2,3 or 4 sides for quick and secure fitting.
  • A unique profile so the scraper does not run on the matting.

The rubber cow mats are available:

  • From stock in standard widths.
  • In custom sizes and for rotary milking parlours and slatted areas by special order.

The rubber cow matting was tested by the German Agricultural Society DLG in August 2010. Their report is available here.


We have teams of fitters working across the UK who will fit the mats for you, or we can deliver it direct to your farm for you to fit yourself.

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