Anti-Chew Stable Wall Mat Strips

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Fix these anti-chew aluminium strips across the top of our stable wall mats for a neat edge which protects the mats from chewing.

  • 20mm x 20mm right angle aluminium strips
  • Each strip is 1m long and 2mm thick
  • Includes 3 fixing screw per 1 metre  strip

Free delivery when bought with our stable wall mats.

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Anti-chew stable wall mat strips give your stable a smart finish as well as protecting the top of the mat from chewing.

The 20mm x 20mm right angle aluminium strips fit neatly across the top of our stable wall mats. Screw them through the mat and into the wall to give a secure finish all the way round.

Each anti-chew stable wall mat strip is 1metre long and 2mm thick and we include 3 fixing screws per strip.

How to fit anti-chew strips

We supply the strips and screws with fitting instructions. You will need to drill through the strips and insert the screws so they just catch the wall behind, to make a neat, secure finish.


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