Five Teat Calf Feeder for Groups of Calves

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A five teat calf milk feeder is  ideal for feeding groups of calves reared in calf hutches.

  • Each compartment holds 2 or 3 litres of milk
  • Integral hooks for attaching to fence
  • Uses both labour and milk efficiently

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This five teat calf feeder is an efficient way to feed milk to calves reared in groups and works well for rearing pre-weaned calves in our Multimax group hutches.

Made in Somerset by Wydale from robust polyethylene, the calf feeder has five compartments each holding between 2 and 3 litres. A cowling guides the calf to the teat and protects it from it’s neighbour, ensuring slow drinkers get enough milk.

You only need to fill up as many compartments as you have calves per pen.

Hang the feeder on the calf pen so that the teats are level with the calves’ backs. It can also be used to feed new born calves by putting the feeder on the floor.

The five teat calf feeder is labour efficient and does not waste any milk:

  • Integral hooks to hang easily on fence
  • Quick and easy to fill and clean
  • Teats with valves for safe milk delivery

You can see more details of our Calf-Tel Multimax group hutches here.

Ideal to use in combination with a rainproof calf feeder for pellets.


  • Height 340 mm
  • Width 510 mm
  • Length 1270 mm


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